I’m gathering material to write a Guide to ICO. As this environment changes rapidly, this is quite a challenge. Still, the overall structure – despite all the variations we are seeing today – can be mapped out. It would be great get your input.

What exactly is an ICO, how did it get here and where will it go? What are the mechanics of a successful versus an unsuccessful ICO? Are tokens shady, worthless works of fiction or representations of actual value? There are a lot of variables.

To me, the blockchain and its derivatives – cryptocurrencies and tokens – position themselves against the traditional financial system. In my opinion, that positioning is inefficient. The driver of our societies is the financial system which has been continuously developing for thousands of years (currencies were already around before 2000 BC). Bitcoin emerged August 18, 2008 and now, ten years later, we have something called an ICO. In my opinion, cryptos do not replace the financial system – they are an upgrade to it. In like manner, the ICO is an upgraded financing channel.

This is going to be a fun challenge.